Finale Performance

Due: 27/11/19

Group Members: Mac and Brume

When I was working with my group members, Mac and Brume, they both helped to make this skit possible with constant communication, laughs along the way and being able to work with each other.

While working on this final project, it was easy to see how fun this project would be and how it could become something exciting. Although our dress rehearsal wasn’t the best, with the help of the professors, we were able to see how to improve our skit to make it better.

Although this project was a little tedious, it was definitely worth it in the end to end the first semester with fun skits.

Places and Characters

Due: 12-11-19

Group Members; Brume and Mac

For my. Group, we decided that we wanted to chose Ade in the cafeteria. The main place that we decided to use for a performance is to use the second level patio section. We had also made a list of twenty objects that we thought we could mmake characters out of

Twenty Objects

1. Salt and Pepper shaker
2. Soda Machine
3. Coffee Machine
4. Napkins
5. Plastic Cups
6. Tables
7. Chairs
8. Silverware
9. Dessert Bar
10. Plastic Plates
11. Sandwich Bar
12. Milk Machine
13. Cereal Bar
14. Bagel Area
15. Deli Area
16. Salad Bar
17. Yogurt Bar
18. Timed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner
19. Pepper Area
20. Patio

Out of the twenty objects, Mac had decided to take the Clock, #18, for the drawing. Brume took the coffee machine while I took the dessert bar.

For the dessert bar, I had decided to make a gender-fluid character that wore candy colour themed clothes. Whenever I look at the dessert bar, there are a lot of chocolate options with coloured frosting, sprinkles and food coloured options. I named my character Cupcake, thought that is not her real name, but a nickname they prefers to go by.

Band Installation

Due: 11-11-19

Group Members: Mac ( and Brume (

Walking to Class

Details before the performance

The sound performance we did consisted of sounds Mac, Brume and I had in common from our daily practice.

Idea’s for the sculpture performance and Sounds included

For the performance we wanted to have the essence of walking to class where we had Mac ripping up pages for a class, myself walking through leaves and having Brume be wind that blows through our day.

Thoughts on the performance

The performance of the sounds that we hear were interesting to recreate in a video. We collected leaves, and it was cold while doing so, and had put some leaves on the wall. We had also recreated a bench that looks pretty good for a quick put together idea. My group worked really well together, we communicated quite well and had great ideas that were used to create our video.

Daily Practice #3

Due: 11-11-19


To Class (Foundations)
Leaving Class ( Foundations)
Heading to Class (English)
Leaving Class (English)


Heading to Class (Foundations)


To Class (Foundations)
Leaving Class (Foundations)
To Class (Common Ground)
Leaving Class (Common Ground)
To Class (English)
Leaving Class (English)


To Class (Foundations)
Leaving Class (Foundations)

Sound Sculpture

Due: 4-11-10


For my sound sculpture piece, I went off of my daily practice sounds, which are walking and wind. For creating the walking sound, I used a wet paper towel being thrown against my hands. I think the sound effect worked pretty well for the effect of walking.

Rustling of Leaves

For the sound of wind, I used a box filled with trash bags. I shook the box to create the effect of rustling leaves.

For the sound sculpture, I filled a box with crumpled up paper. To create sound, you must shake the box to create other sounds I hear; clothes rustling against backpacks and most importantly, to create the sound of leaves.

In til the next project post~ Duckie

Daily Practice #2- Thursday and Friday


Thursday Morning to Foundations

Boi was it cold! It’s starting to feel like winter here in Alfred, especially in the morning.

After Foundations

The usual model here, Moran, walking with me to Ade for lunch.

Walking to Art History

It started to rain on my way to class! BRRRRRR!

After Art History Class

It really started to rain, I wish I brought a jacket with me other than a hoodie!

Walking towards English Class

Still super cold, but I had changed into my Halloween costume! You heard me, it was Halloween on Thursday and it was cold as always.

After English Class

Chloe, the cutie that she is, dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and our friend Jo walks with us to our dorm to take a bunch of Halloween pictures.

Inside Harder Hall, second floor

Since I’m always taking pictures outside, and plus it was super super cold out, I decided to take a picture of the inside of the building where it was WARM!

After Class

After class, another picture of the inside of the hallway of where I walk to class.

Over all this week was pretty simple. Nothing to crazy, walking to and from classes with friends and taking pictures of my walk there. Until the next daily practice post~ Duckie

Daily Practice #2- Monday and Tuesday

Due: 4/11/19

Monday, October 28 2019

Monday started off like any day, me walking with my friend Moran to foundations class.

I’ve really come to love this tree as it changes colour through the season here at Alfred University.

I love how the sun blared through the tree’s in this picture I took on my way to English class.

The sun was just setting on Scholes Library on my way back to my dorm after my English class finished.

Once again, here I am walking to Foundations with my friend Moran, whom I like to call the Mom of my group. She always knocks on my door to walk me up XD

After class, Moran treated me to a rice bowl from Powell! I love the rice bowls they have! It really starts my day off.

Here I am, walking to my English class once again. I really think that this is a cool picture because of the way the sun shines through the trees.

Here’s my other friend, Chloe! We always get dinner together after English class. She finally decided to let me take a picture of here so it doesn’t seem like I’m always walking back to my dorm alone.

This concludes my two daily posts! Until next time~ Duckie