Quarantine Challenge

Day 1: Wear every piece of clothing

Day 2: Build a fort

Day 3: Make your own mask

Day 4: Make a collage using your clothing

Day 5: Research on Hoodies

Day 6: Portrait Day

Beatriz Milhazes- Artist Research

Sunday. April 5th,2020

Beatriz Milhazes is a Brazilian artist who is know for her prints, collages, paintings an illustrations all used with bright colours. Her work is inspired by her home’s culture, lacework, ceramics and carnival decorations that are seen in her home.

Her works are bright, portraying a colourful and happy pieces of work. Her pieces are highly influenced by her culture, and her pieces are mixed media. She uses many different matierals to create her work.

Gamboge Research

Sunday, April 5th, 2020

Gamboge is a mustard yellow colour that is collected from Southeast Asian trees called the genus Garcinia. This colour is created from the tree’s juices. When the colour is an orange brown colour, but when it is powered, it turns into a bright yellow. Gamboge is also used in medicine and veterinary medicine as a cathartic, which is a type of drug.

Laleh Khorramian- Response


Laleh Khorramian is an animation artist that works from home and her studio space is described as messy that constantly needs to be organized. I feel like this applies to how she works from home, as the same way I work. We both have messy spaces that constantly need to be cleaned up and organized in order to make great work.

The reason why I connect with her, is because she states that some of her work comes from dark places, which is some of the work that I also do. Some of my pieces are fueled by a bad experience. But her work holds a dark, mysterious dream like quality that has always captivated me when looking over works. I have always been drawn to those types of pieces, and her work immediately captivated me from the video that I watched.

My perspective on working from home is difficult to explain. It has been around seven months from really working from home, and I struggle with wanted to keep a relaxing atmosphere separate from a working one. I find that my room holds both, which is tough to keep a line in the sand concrete. I hope to keep that line in the sand drawn while I work away and find new inspiration in my new ecosystem called my room.

Field Guide of my space

March, 29,2020

A wide view of my space 3-25-20

I decided to use ballpoint pens with small dots of colour with markers. Although my space is small, it definitely represents me in many ways. mostly on the lights and all the plush pillows and blankets.

A wide view of my space 3-26-20

This is another view of my space. I have more coloured lights, with polaroids that I have taken, and post cards. I have my Buddha wind chime that was gifted to me by my friend and roommate as a Christmas gift. I also have glow in the dark stars that are stuck to my ceiling.

The beginning of the desk shot
My desk 3-26-20

Here is the area where I will be doing most of my work. I spend a lot of time near my desk. It’s relatively empty because I just moved all of my stuff out of the dorm room and have had no time to redecorate to make it more homey. On my desk, I have five, yes five, sketchbooks scattered all around my desk, I have two “bins” of washi tape, my desk organizer for my fine liner pens, an organizer for all my gel pens and another desk organizer for all my highlighters. I also have 4 lines on my desk that measure out paper size and width drawn on my desk, in paint… whoops.. and that helps me center and tape down skeets of paper for when I want to do single sheets of work. I also have jars that are filled with paint brushes and my most commonly used makeup iteams that I use. I also have a fake candle placed on my desk, and my snow globe of Winnie-the-Pooh. Lastly placed in my desk is a dirty cup that I used for my coffee and my bulletjoural.

A Close up, my favorite place 3-27-20

This is my favorite corner to sit in. I actually sleep here, hence all the pillows and stuffed animals. I usually have a gigantic bear propped up against the all so when I roll around I don’t hit my head. I also have a Winnie-the-Pooh bear, which is actually my first stuffed animal I ever got when I came to the states when I was a baby. I have my tv placed on a chest with three types of art pads leaning against it. My largest sketch pad is my mixed media pad, my second largest pad is my watercolour paper and the smallest pad of paper is a used up watercolour paper. I also have my lights hung up just above my bed. It’s a very colourful setup.

A close up of my Buddha wind chime 3-27-20

This wind chime was given to me by my best friend and roommate for Christmas. This is hanging in my space, from the ceiling. This fits into my ecosystem because when I do,rarely happens but if I do, open my window, its nice to hear my wind chime actually chime instead of it being hung up against a wall.

A jar full of makeup 3-2-20

This is my jar full of my everyday makeup. The reason why this fits into my ecosystem is because I commonly sit at my desk to do my makeup daily.

Close up of my paper weight 3-27-20

This paper weight was given to me by my friend, and this fits into my eco system because I find myself using it constantly when I sit at my desk to keep my sketchbook open or my notebook open.

An unfinished sketch that is taped down on my desk

This fits into my ecosystem because it reminds me that it is okay to not always have a finish product in order to create art.

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