Laleh Khorramian- Response


Laleh Khorramian is an animation artist that works from home and her studio space is described as messy that constantly needs to be organized. I feel like this applies to how she works from home, as the same way I work. We both have messy spaces that constantly need to be cleaned up and organized in order to make great work.

The reason why I connect with her, is because she states that some of her work comes from dark places, which is some of the work that I also do. Some of my pieces are fueled by a bad experience. But her work holds a dark, mysterious dream like quality that has always captivated me when looking over works. I have always been drawn to those types of pieces, and her work immediately captivated me from the video that I watched.

My perspective on working from home is difficult to explain. It has been around seven months from really working from home, and I struggle with wanted to keep a relaxing atmosphere separate from a working one. I find that my room holds both, which is tough to keep a line in the sand concrete. I hope to keep that line in the sand drawn while I work away and find new inspiration in my new ecosystem called my room.

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