Places and Characters

Due: 12-11-19

Group Members; Brume and Mac

For my. Group, we decided that we wanted to chose Ade in the cafeteria. The main place that we decided to use for a performance is to use the second level patio section. We had also made a list of twenty objects that we thought we could mmake characters out of

Twenty Objects

1. Salt and Pepper shaker
2. Soda Machine
3. Coffee Machine
4. Napkins
5. Plastic Cups
6. Tables
7. Chairs
8. Silverware
9. Dessert Bar
10. Plastic Plates
11. Sandwich Bar
12. Milk Machine
13. Cereal Bar
14. Bagel Area
15. Deli Area
16. Salad Bar
17. Yogurt Bar
18. Timed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner
19. Pepper Area
20. Patio

Out of the twenty objects, Mac had decided to take the Clock, #18, for the drawing. Brume took the coffee machine while I took the dessert bar.

For the dessert bar, I had decided to make a gender-fluid character that wore candy colour themed clothes. Whenever I look at the dessert bar, there are a lot of chocolate options with coloured frosting, sprinkles and food coloured options. I named my character Cupcake, thought that is not her real name, but a nickname they prefers to go by.

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