Band Installation

Due: 11-11-19

Group Members: Mac ( and Brume (

Walking to Class

Details before the performance

The sound performance we did consisted of sounds Mac, Brume and I had in common from our daily practice.

Idea’s for the sculpture performance and Sounds included

For the performance we wanted to have the essence of walking to class where we had Mac ripping up pages for a class, myself walking through leaves and having Brume be wind that blows through our day.

Thoughts on the performance

The performance of the sounds that we hear were interesting to recreate in a video. We collected leaves, and it was cold while doing so, and had put some leaves on the wall. We had also recreated a bench that looks pretty good for a quick put together idea. My group worked really well together, we communicated quite well and had great ideas that were used to create our video.

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