Daily Practice #2- Thursday and Friday


Thursday Morning to Foundations

Boi was it cold! It’s starting to feel like winter here in Alfred, especially in the morning.

After Foundations

The usual model here, Moran, walking with me to Ade for lunch.

Walking to Art History

It started to rain on my way to class! BRRRRRR!

After Art History Class

It really started to rain, I wish I brought a jacket with me other than a hoodie!

Walking towards English Class

Still super cold, but I had changed into my Halloween costume! You heard me, it was Halloween on Thursday and it was cold as always.

After English Class

Chloe, the cutie that she is, dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and our friend Jo walks with us to our dorm to take a bunch of Halloween pictures.

Inside Harder Hall, second floor

Since I’m always taking pictures outside, and plus it was super super cold out, I decided to take a picture of the inside of the building where it was WARM!

After Class

After class, another picture of the inside of the hallway of where I walk to class.

Over all this week was pretty simple. Nothing to crazy, walking to and from classes with friends and taking pictures of my walk there. Until the next daily practice post~ Duckie

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