Daily Practice #2- Monday and Tuesday

Due: 4/11/19

Monday, October 28 2019

Monday started off like any day, me walking with my friend Moran to foundations class.

I’ve really come to love this tree as it changes colour through the season here at Alfred University.

I love how the sun blared through the tree’s in this picture I took on my way to English class.

The sun was just setting on Scholes Library on my way back to my dorm after my English class finished.

Once again, here I am walking to Foundations with my friend Moran, whom I like to call the Mom of my group. She always knocks on my door to walk me up XD

After class, Moran treated me to a rice bowl from Powell! I love the rice bowls they have! It really starts my day off.

Here I am, walking to my English class once again. I really think that this is a cool picture because of the way the sun shines through the trees.

Here’s my other friend, Chloe! We always get dinner together after English class. She finally decided to let me take a picture of here so it doesn’t seem like I’m always walking back to my dorm alone.

This concludes my two daily posts! Until next time~ Duckie

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