Group Manifesto

Due: 28/10/19

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Manifesto Mind Map

For our group manifesto, we came up with ten important things that we live by.

1. Show respect for diversity

In this video, we decided to show the wring way of being respectful in black and white and having the correct way of showing respect in colour. While making this video, lots of thought was put into the creation of this by having two people show the right and wrong way of showing respect.

2. Be Positive

In this video, we wanted two people, Moran and Eva, to react negatively to having to go outside in the rain while Me and Brume reacted positively to going out in the rain.

3. Being Relaxed

For being relaxed, we had Eva and Brume be stiff while being at a local concert that had been held at Alfred. Moran and I had been loose and danced at the concert showing that there is always time to be relaxed.

4. Don’t give up

For not giving up, Brume acted as though she had failed her english exam and decided to give up. When Moran was told that she had failed her english exam, she realized that she only needed to study more to do better.

5. Try different media

For this video, we want Brume to stuck on the concept that she only wants to use one specific media, while Moran is willing to try different media to make her art.

6. Be original

For this video, wanted someone, Brume, to copy others while I was inspired by others but didn’t copy their work.

7. Respect Nature

For this video, we wanted Moran and Brume to “rip” out leaves, and “destroy” the tree while Eva and I respect it.

8. Be Brave

For this video, we wanted Moran to be afraid to try new things while Eva was nervous about doing so, tried it anyways.

9. Be sensitive towards others

For this video, we wanted someone, me, to be emotionless to a heart wrenching science reacted by Moran and Brume, and have Eva be emotional to the scene.

10. Value our friends and family

In our final video we wanted to show that we aren’t always valuing our time together.

Grand video and final thoughts.

My final thoughts on this project,
I throughly enjoyed working on this prose with my friends. Many times while we worked on it, we laughed and joked around, We all came up with different ideas on how to portray each manifesto and we all made it work seamlessly.

Until the next big project!

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