Daily Practice. #1- Tuesday to Friday

Due: 28-10-19

For my daily practice, I decided to make it a practice to take pictures of my walks to and from classes each day.

Tuesday Morning

On Tuesday morning, it was pretty cold outside, but the leaves on the trees looked lovely with the red and yellow leaves decorating the ground.

Tuesday Afternoon

Tuesday afternoon had much better weather since a rainbow formed from it raining all day with the mix of sunshine.

Wednesday Evening

Wednesday night, and that meant late night classes to attend to. As I was on my way to class from Adès Hall. The sun was setting and though that this was a perfect way to document my way to class.

Thursday Morning

Thursday was a bit of a rush day. This picture documents the the rush of the day by having me walk while taking a photo of my way to my 8:20 class.

Friday Morning

It was Friday morning after class. I was walking with my friend Moran. I took a picture of her picking up a leaves as we where heading to lunch.

This concludes my daily practice for this week. Until next Sunday night!

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