Pocket Collection

Due 21-10-19

For todays blog, we begin with the first day of Studio Research for Foundations. Today we, as a class, were told to go around and ask random people of Main Street of Alfred. Nine items where collected from five random people.

The first items that where collected were three Tootsie Roll’s. I had gotten them from the lady of the Convenience Store. The story that she proved me, was that when people use their credit card, they need to pay $5, and if they do not have enough, they can buy candy to bring up the price.

While walking away, I ran into someone who was walking their dog. I asked if they had anything in their pocket they were willing to give up and they handed me a plastic bag from their walk around town.

The next stop was the post office. While I was there, there was a lady was readying a package. When I asked her if she had anything that she was willing to give up, she gave me the original envelope that she had planned on using to send her mail.

After having 3 people to talk to, I still wanted to look for more people to talk to. I then saw a man that was loading up a cart that was delivering food to the near by restaurants, he gave me his pen with his company’s logo, Keck’s Food Service.

I then ran into two students who where on their way to take a test. When I asked them if they had anything they were willing to give anything up, the two of them gave their pens and pencils that they were going to use. I asked them if they needed it, and they said no.

The last person I had meet was a woman who worked at the Alfred Pharmacy. I had asked one of the women who were busy working away and one of them came up to me saying she had went to the Bills game with it, forgot about it and then found it in her pocket.

This concludes my one of many adventures that will happen in Studio Research Class. Till next time~ Duckie

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